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Our Approach

We are a privately held, diversified entrepreneurial investment firm with areas of focus in real estate and high growth companies.


Elevado means to “raise” and it is our objective to elevate you so that tomorrow will bring greater happiness than today.

Real Estate
Technicians at Work

As developers, we focus on the Los Angeles metropolitan area workforce housing and enter new and emerging neighborhoods where new communities are not commonly seen. Our goal is to elevate the quality of living for our residents and provide greater affordability for brand new construction.  We aim to build high-quality communities and have a commitment to long-term ownership.

Growth Equity

As entrepreneurs, we understand what it takes to grow and operate a business, and are well equipped to provide advice, resources, and capital as a true partner. Our team is made of skilled entrepreneurs who provide capital and expertise to growing companies. Because we are internally capitalized by our principals, we can quickly respond to opportunities and close without the risks and delays that often come with raising external capital. We provide flexibility in product types, time horizons, and return requirements. Our liquid capital base and lean structure allow us to respond quickly to opportunities.

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